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RESPECT Primary Lessons

Lesson plans for primary school age groups

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RESPECT Primary Activities

Activities for primary school age groups.

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He's the stud and she's the slut

He's the stud and she's the slut" is research on young people's attitudes to pornography, sex and relationships.

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Under Pressure - Youth worker responses to gendered abuse and exploitation

This follow-up report to ‘Under Pressure: Preventing Teen Abuse and Exploitation’ looks at the challenges faced by professionals working with young people on these issues, and how they can be overcome.

Filename: Under-Pressure---Youth-Worker-Responses-to-Gendered-Abuse-and-Exploitation.pdf | File size: 7233KB
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Under Pressure - Preventing Teen Abuse and Exploitation

This report details the findings from our pilot Under Pressure training course for youth workers'

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Sexism is a waste

In 2016 Zero Tolerance undertook research to gain further insight from a Scottish perspective on what violence against women in the workplace looks like. We wanted to find out the level of support available for those disclosing violence to their employer; and what employers were doing to combat the sexist attitudes which underlie VAW. This report situates our findings in the broader UK policy context and makes recommendations for stakeholders.

Filename: Sexism-is-a-waste---the-need-to-tackle-violence-and-misogyny-in-Scottish-workplaces-15.pdf | File size: 1508KB
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