About us

Zero Tolerance is a Scottish charity working to end men’s violence against women by tackling its root cause: gender inequality.

We began in 1992 with a ground breaking and radical Edinburgh-based poster campaign. The campaign successfully brought the issue of violence against women out from behind closed doors and into public consciousness by asserting that violence against women is never acceptable.

Our Vision

A Scotland free of men’s violence against women and girls.

Our core belief is that men’s violence against women is preventable and should not be tolerated.

Our Values

  • Feminism: a feminist approach underpins all of our work, our relations with others and with each other. We always challenge men’s behaviour and shine the spotlight on over-arching systems of power and privilege that subordinate women and entitle men.

  • Leadership: we identify and challenge new and under-reported forms of violence against women, as well as those more widely accepted and tolerated.

  • Integrity: all of our policies and practice are based on a gendered analysis and an understanding of violence against women as a continuum. We have a genuine commitment to ending violence against women and we are honest and fair in our dealings with others.

Our aims

  1. We will lead campaigning in Scotland to end all forms of VAWG by raising public and political awareness of its cause and challenging gender inequality.
  2. We will challenge and support key institutions to embed VAWG prevention in their work.
  3. We will advance and share the evidence base on preventing VAWG.
  4. We will make Zero Tolerance a place where feminist leadership happens.

How we will work


  • Believing fundamental change is possible.
  • Choosing the activities that can bring about the most change.
  • Focusing our resources on impactful projects.
  • Taking informed risks.

In Partnership

  • Sharing expertise.
  • Combining resources to maximise impact.
  • Working with larger organisations to increase our influence.
  • Amplifying the voices of smaller organisations, particularly those representing minority ethnic women

Grounded in evidence

  • Building in time to research and plan activities.
  • Building in time to evaluate our work thoroughly and learning from this. Regularly reviewing the evidence on ‘what works’.


  • Foregrounding the needs and voices of marginalised women.
  • Reviewing and monitoring our tools, materials, and communications to ensure they are inclusive.


  • Demonstrating impact.
  • Strengthening our brand.
  • Diversifying income.
  • Continually working to diversify our organisation and the groups and individuals we work with.

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