About us

At Zero Tolerance our vision is clear: a world free of men’s violence against women.

Zero Tolerance is a charity working to end men’s violence against women. We began in 1992 with a groundbreaking and radical Edinburgh-based poster campaign, which brought the issue of domestic abuse out from behind closed doors and into public consciousness and asserted that violence against women was never acceptable.

Our vision is of a world without men’s violence against women, (VAW); in which women enjoy have full gender equality and our human rights are upheld.

Women need to be able to take power and have an equal share of our nation’s wealth which means men must concede some of their money and power. To fully eradicate VAW, women must have full social, economic and political equality.

Our core belief is that men’s VAW is preventable and should not be tolerated.

Our aims

  1. We will lead campaigning in Scotland to end all forms of VAW through raising public and political awareness of its cause; and promoting action on prevention.
  2. We will work to ensure key sectors and /professionals have opportunities to develop their roles and build their skills, understanding and knowledge in preventing VAW.
  3. We will foster collaborations, through campaigning, networking and information sharing, which will promote gender justice.
  4. We will be sustainable as an organisation until our vision is accomplished.


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