Past Winners of the Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

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2023 Winners of the Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best News

Author: Connie Dimsdale

Title: ‘I was groomed on Facebook’: Child abuse victims demand action to tackle targeting of girls online

Publication: The i Newspaper

Date: 28th April 2023

Special Recognition: Best Investigation

Authors: Rosamund Urwin, Charlotte Wace and Paul Morgan-Bentley

Title: Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assaults and abuse

Date: 16th September 2023

Best Feature

Author: Harriet Hall

Title: The rise of the mega misogynists

Publication: Cosmopolitan

Date: 22nd November 2023

Best Opinion and Comment

Author: Daniella Theis

Title: Victim blaming deeply affects survivors of sexual assault

Publication: The Herald

Date: 12th June 2023

Best Blog and Self-Published

Author: Estelle Uba

Title: ‘Missing White Woman’ syndrome: Is the media to blame for racial bias in police searches?

Publication: Gen-Z Talks

Date: 9th April 2023

Broadcast: Experts’ Pick

#ReportIt campaign 

By James Diamond

Planet Radio/Greatest Hits Radio/Bauer Media

Wooden Spoon

Black and minoritised victims and survivors of gender-based violence: invisibilised in the media

2022 Winners of the Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Piece - News

Author: Marion Scott

Title: The scale of it is truly frightening, unthinkable: MSP urges action to curb risks facing disabled women at risk of domestic violence and abuse

Publication: The Sunday Post

Date: 27.03.2022

Best Piece - Features

Author: Dania Akkad

Title:After #WhereisNoof, Qatari women question how safe they really are

Publication: Middle East Eye

Date: 02.02.2022

Best Piece - Opinion and Comment

Author: Anna Moore

Title: Frank Mullane: how the murder of his sister and nephew changed his life and purpose

Publication: The Guardian

Date: 27.10.2021

Best Piece - Blog and Self-Published

Author: Winnie M Li

Title: The Emotional Labour of Dealing with the Media

Publication: On Road Media

Date: 05.07.2022

Wooden Spoon

Reporting that is sympathetic to the perpetrator and fails to name the crime committed.


2021 winners of the Write To End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Awards

Alan Caton

Prostitution in Scotland: Why do perpetrators of what is a form of violence against women enjoy impunity?

The Scotsman, 20 October 2021

Shruti Jain

Lockdown raising risk to BAME women’s safety and wellbeing

STV, 28th February 2021

Caitlin Logan

Tory MSP asked 11 questions on abortion in a month

The Ferret, 22 December 2020

Iris Pase

Why do women need to die before we listen?

Bella Caledonia, 13th March 2021

Karen Roberts

Demand for domestic abuse support soared after pandemic snatched away victims’ hopes of freedom

Press and Journal, 16 June 2021

Marion Scott & Craig McDonald

No more: Women demand action as 7,000 domestic violence cases languish in court limbo

Sunday Post, 3 October 2021

Kirsty Strickland

It’s hard not to think of women affected by ‘rape clause’ when reading about misuse of taxpayer cash

The Courier, 26 July 2021

Alex Watson

I’ve finally done my womanly duty and fallen in line

Press and Journal, July 9, 2021

2020 winners of the Write To End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Awards

Dr Kim Barker & Dr Olga Jurasz

Misogynistic Harassment: Advancing Scots Law?

The University of Stirling Policy Blog , 27 Jan 20

Catherine Deveney

Prostitute or exploited child? Our language betrays Dickensian attitudes to victimhood

Press and Journal, 24 Jan 20

Kate Hodal

Why coronavirus has placed millions more girls at risk of FGM

The Guardian, 16 Jun 20

Liam Kirkcaldy

'Nowhere to go': How No Recourse to Public Funds is leaving women experiencing abuse without support

Holyrood, 22 Jul 20

Caitlin Logan

Focusing on men who kill women leaves little room for their victims.

The National, 1 Nov 20

Hannah Price

Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal'

The BBC Three, 6 Nov 20

Kirsty Strickland

When a man strangles a woman it is a demonstration of control, not a loss of it’

The Scotsman, 30 Oct 20

Laura Waddell

1,035 reasons why the MeToo movement has not gone too far

The Scotsman, 9 Jan 20

Wooden Spoon Award

Harmful and inaccurate language to describe childhood abuse.

2019 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Piece - News, Sponsored by NUJ Scotland

Karin Goodwin for The Ferret and the Sunday National, "Call to Review Domestic Murders to help prevent further deaths".

Best Piece - Feature, Sponsored by NUJ Glasgow

Mary McCool, for BBC Scotland, for "Edinburgh hip hop artist raps about rape to help survivors heal".

Best Piece - Opinion and Comment, Supported by our media partner the Daily Record

Dani Garavelli, for the Scotsman, for "Marshae Jones case shows US is close to dystopian nightmare".

Best Piece - Blog and Self-Published, sponsored by the University of Strathclyde

Elspeth Wilson, for the Engender Blog, for "Why Contraception Needs a Me Too movement"

Gender Equality Award - Women and Sport

Laura Waddell, for the Scotsman, for "Scotland Women ‘really shake them up’ and may even win World Cup".

Wooden Spoon

"Sex Game Gone Wrong" as a defense for murder.

2018 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Article – News Reporting, Sponsored by the Daily Record

Peter Swindon, The Herald

Students fear ‘academic consequences’ if they report sex attacks on campus

Best Article – News Features, Sponsored by NUJ Scotland and NUJ Glasgow Branch

Dani Garavelli, The Scotsman

Insight: The Edinburgh clinic helping sex workers stay safe

Best Blog or Comment, Sponsored by the University of Strathclyde

Lesley McMillan & Deborah White, Gender Politics at Edinburgh

Technologising Rape and Sexual Assault: Can we really innovate the problem away?

Year of Young People Award, Sponsored by the Young Women’s Movement

Rosie Hilton, The Student Newspaper

The everyday resistance of surviving sexual violence

2017 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Article – News

Annie Brown, Daily Record

Island rape victims forced to endure second hell due to lack of local forensic facilities

Best Article – Feature

Vicky Allan, The Sunday Herald

Domestic abuse: This article will upset you but it is vital that you read it

Best Blog and Comment

Talat Yaqoob, Women 5050

“Just Ignore It”

Best article – Student and Young Person

Polly Smythe and Niamh Anderson, The Student

Domestic abuse is happening at university. So why don’t we talk about it?

Gender Equality Award: Creative Writing

Erin Kelly

3 Poems; Silence, Deep Water, Survive

Read Erin's wonderful poems on page 63 – 65 of our booklet.

2016 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Article – News

Libby Brooks, The Guardian

‘Sexist hate crimes given second-class status, says senior Tory MP’

Best Article – Comment & Feature

Vicky Allan, The Herald

India - in the land where women are deemed worthless

Best Blog

Claire Heuchan, Sister Outrider

‘Self-Care or Speaking Out? A Black Feminist Dilemma’

Best article – Student and Young Person

Lucy Miller, Glasgow Guardian

‘Whose streets? Our streets!’ – How Glasgow reclaimed the night

Gender Equality Awards: Women And Migration

Ferret journalists; Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Lyra McKee, Karin Goodwin, The Ferret

Domestic violence: ‘Home Office must act to save lives’

Wooden Spoon

This year, the Wooden Spoon was awarded to the them of ‘invisible women’. Namely, the media’s tendency to neglect to mention the woman in cases of a family killing and instead focus the majority of coverage on the perpetrator. This theme was motivated by two instances of women being killed by their partner; Claire Hart in Spalding, England and Clodagh Hawe in County Cavan, Ireland. In both instances the husband killed their wife, children and then themselves.



2015 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Article - News

Judith Duffy

Scottish women taking on the sexist curse of street harassment

Sunday Herald

Best Article – Comment & Features

Alex Renton

Rape, child abuse and Prince Charles’s former school

The Observer

Best Blog

Isabelle Kerr

"Fifty Shades of Grey" Saviour of Relationships or Abuser's Handbook

Glasgow Rape Crisis Blog

Best Student Article

Eve Livingston

On Rape Culture

Personal blog -

Gender Equality Award Sponsored by Women 5050

Gina Davidson

Let's Hear it for the Smart Girls

Edinburgh Evening News


Wooden Spoon

This year's Wooden Spoon Went Collectively to "Headlines". A lot of reporting about good violence against women is sold short by headlines that seem designed to capture readers’ attention in the most graphic way possible.



2014 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Blog

Abuse Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum: Rotherham Is Not About Race by Elli Wilson

Best Student Article

What’s next for Edinburgh Uni? Talk straight, not dirty by Laura Anne Brown

Best Article

Girls are taught young that violence towards them is normal by Nancy Lombard



2013 Write To End Violence Against Women Awards

Best Blog

One Billion Rising while another one falls: Media treatment of Reeva Steenkamp - Eve Livingston

Best Article

Why was the sheriff in the Walker case so puzzled? - Anni Donaldson

Best Student Article

Forgotten Brides: Life after Forced Marriage - Lauren Wilks

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