Write to End VAW Awards

Write To End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Awards 2020

Help us recognise media workers who are ending men’s violence against women, one piece at a time.

This year our annual The Write to End Violence Against Women Awards are not taking place. Instead we invited the public to nominate the articles, blogs, and other media content for the Write to End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Award.

We would like to thank everyone who sent in nominations for our #WriteToEndViolenceAgainstWomen Public Recognition Awards.

Your nominations helped us show our appreciation to the writers and contributors who work tirelessly to promote gender equality and change social attitudes around violence against women and girls. The content we received was of a very high quality and we appreciated every entry.

The Winners of this years The Write To End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Awards are (in alphabetical order):

Wooden Spoon Award

Wooden Spoon Award is elected to a theme, rather than to an individual journalist or article. This recognises and highlights the collective responsibility of writers to represent the issues responsibly. The Wooden Spoon Award aims to tackle misrepresentation of the issues that lead to irresponsible reporting that reinforces the attitudes that enable gender-based violence.

Watch our Wooden Spoon video to find out more:

Here you will find links to the articles :

Dr Kim Barker & Dr Olga Jurasz

Misogynistic Harassment: Advancing Scots Law?

The University of Stirling Policy Blog , 27 Jan 20

Catherine Deveney

Prostitute or exploited child? Our language betrays Dickensian attitudes to victimhood

Press and Journal, 24 Jan 20

Kate Hodal

Why coronavirus has placed millions more girls at risk of FGM

The Guardian, 16 Jun 20

Liam Kirkcaldy

'Nowhere to go': How No Recourse to Public Funds is leaving women experiencing abuse without support

Holyrood, 22 Jul 20

Caitlin Logan

Focusing on men who kill women leaves little room for their victims.

The National, 1 Nov 20

Hannah Price

Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal'

The BBC Three, 6 Nov 20

Kirsty Strickland

When a man strangles a woman it is a demonstration of control, not a loss of it’

The Scotsman, 30 Oct 20

Laura Waddell

1,035 reasons why the MeToo movement has not gone too far

The Scotsman, 9 Jan 20

We would like to congratulate all winners of the Write to End Violence Against Women Public Recognition Awards and we are hoping to be able to celebrate your brilliant work in a proper way when the pandemic is over.


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