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Statement on Trans and Non-binary inclusive education

In response to the new guidance by the Department for Education in England on teaching gender and biological sex in the classroom, we are concerned by the vague and confusing language which focuses on what teachers shouldn’t teach with regard to trans and non-binary identities, rather than clearly stating what they should teach.

We agree that no teacher or individual working with children and young people should make presumptions about a child’s gender identity or sexual orientation based on their personality, interests, or clothing choices. Teachers and schools must also be a safe space for children to discuss their feelings and experiences of gender identity. The guidance states that teachers should always ‘treat individual students with sympathy and support’ but does not clearly articulate how they might do so.

Joint Response to First Minister's National Advisory Council on Women and Girls Survey on creating an Intersectional Gender Architecture - August 2020



This response has been written in partnership with Amina – Muslims Women’s Resource Centre, Equality Network/Scottish Trans Alliance, Sacro, Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, Young Women’s Movement and Zero Tolerance. As organisations dedicated to equality and human rights, we welcome the NACWG’s focus on improving the systems and structures tackling gender inequality and discrimination in Scotland. We recognise that gender inequality is the cause of violence against women and girls (VAWG); primary prevention tackles this root cause by seeking to eradicate it at all levels of society. We also recognise the need for an intersectional approach to tackling gender inequality; the former Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women has noted that a ‘lack of attention to intersectionality not only inhibits policymakers from assessing inequalities between women and men, but also inhibits their ability to assess how differently positioned women experience discrimination and violence.’1 Gender inequality cannot be separated from other forms of inequality and should work through partnerships and coalitions to build coordinated challenges to gender inequality and other forms of discrimination including racism, ableism, ageism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Training - Under Pressure with LAYC

We are delighted to be running Under Pressure training for youth workers in partnership with LAYC. Open to all and free to LAYC members. This training consists of a 2 hour webinar with reading and preparation, followed by reflection and development.

Thursday 8th October, 10am-12pm, on Zoom

Training for youth workers. Gain skills to open discussions with young people about the pressures they face, online and in 'real life', including online safety, healthy consent-based relationships, grooming and sexual exploitation, and idealised models of 'how to be' men and women.

FREE to LAYC members, £30 non-members


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