Talking Gender

Are you ready to be #TalkingGender?

Zero Tolerance is launching a myth buster blog series packed with facts and lines of arguments to combat common misconceptions and myths, and answer tricky questions.

Although social media can sometimes feel like an echo chamber, our lives are not. We all know lots of people who we might not always see eye-to-eye with on issues about gender, race, sexuality, and disability. And so, we all have the power to challenge these ideas with people who know and love us – change one person's mind to change a culture. Whether that is through open conversations or by forwarding a link to an article or video.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing resources we have developed as well as useful videos and blogs to help you start conversations and answer questions about gender stereotypes, consent, young people’s relationships and sexual harassment.

We know these conversations are difficult so we’re hoping with these resources we can all feel more confident having them!

In January we will be #TalkingGender on ending gender stereotyping young children and saying that #AnyoneCanPlay, alongside answering questions including:

  • What are gender stereotypes?
  • Are they really so bad?
  • Aren’t boys and girls just different?
  • Don’t we already treat boys and girls the same?

After this, in March, we’ll be #TalkingGender on all forms of violence against women.

We’re really excited to share this with you and we’d love for you to get involved. So please send us any videos or articles that you find useful when talking to the unconvinced and like and share the blogs and resources as they come out.

For now, why not read our General Tips to get you started!


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