Position statements

Inclusion and respect of trans women

It is our position that trans and non-binary rights are integral to, and contribute to, feminism. Scotland’s violence against women services provide trans inclusive services and trans inclusion plans have been in place since 2012.

This inclusive approach has not given rise to any concern or challenges. Rather, trans women have added to our movements through their support, voluntary work and as staff members. You can find out more about our stance on our blog.

Violence against women, homophobia and transphobia are all rooted in misogyny. We are committed to working with partner LGBTQI+ organisations to end this inequality, discrimination and violence.


Reproductive rights, including the right to an abortion, are fundamental to women’s wellbeing and equality. Denying or reducing access to abortion denies women’s bodily autonomy and is a form of structural violence against women. Like other forms of violence against women it leads to a range of negative consequences including emotional trauma, illness, and death.

Any society that wants to end violence against women and promote gender equality must provide access to safe, legal and free abortion on request.

Therefore as part of our strategy to end violence against women we support sister organisations to protect and strengthen reproductive rights.

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