How to enter

Submissions are now closed for the 2019 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards. You can read about this year's shortlist here and the winners here.

We received 196 submissions this year in the following categories:

  • Best Piece – News
  • Best Piece – Feature
  • Best Piece – Opinion and Comment
  • Best Piece – Blog and Self Published
  • Gender Equality Award: Women and Sport
  • Wooden Spoon


Criteria and Categories

To enter this year’s Awards all submissions and nominations must:

  • Have been published between 01/10/18 and 30/09/19
  • Be created in Scotland or primarily reaching a Scottish audience

Find out more about what we’re looking for here.

To work out which category is best suited for the piece you wish to nominate, please consult our guidance below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with

Best Piece – News

  • Author must have received financial compensation for the piece.
  • The piece must be a “hard news” story, i.e. a piece of reporting intended to objectively communicate the facts of the story
  • The piece may be published in any local or national Scottish publication, online or print

Best Piece - Feature

  • Author must have received financial compensation for the piece
  • The piece must be a lengthier feature piece, i.e. a piece of writing intended to provide more analysis and context than a straightforward news piece.
  • The piece may be published in any local or national Scottish publicationonline or print

Best Piece – Opinion and Comment

  • Author must have received financial compensation for the piece
  • The piece must include writer expressing their personal opinion
  • The piece may be published in any local or national Scottish publication online or print

Best Piece – Blog and Self Published

  • Pieces can be paid or unpaid
  • Pieces might include a post with their author’s own opinions, a review, or commentary on policy, research or world events. You can read examples of pieces from previous years here, here, and here
  • Pieces may be published on blogging sites (e.g. The Medium) or organisational blogs (e.g. Engender)
  • Pieces published on personal blogs and websites are accepted as long as they are freely available online
  • Nominations must be for an individual blog post, not an entire blog. However multiple individual posts from the same blog can be nominated as separate entries

Gender Equality Award: Women and Sport

Sport is an important part of our culture and society that gets huge coverage in daily media - in some cases, sport makes up half of a newspaper. However, women’s sports receive only 7% of this dedicated coverage. (Source).

There has been plenty of discussion this year around gender and sport, from the ruling against Casta Semenya, to Scotland’s Women’s Team going to the World Cup. This is why we have selected Women and Sport as our annual category. We are looking to recognise and reward journalists and writers who cover women and sport in respectful and interesting ways. We are looking for a wide range of pieces on this topic including:

  • News coverage of sporting events with women and non-binary athletes, or mixed gender teams
  • News features that provide analysis and context about women and sport
  • Comment and opinion pieces about women and sport more generally

Wooden Spoon

Every year we present a Wooden Spoon prize to a problematic theme that we have seen in some reporting of violence against women that year.

For the 2019 Awards we are taking suggestions for what this year’s theme should be.

To give you some ideas about the sort of thing we are looking for, in 2018 we awarded the Wooden Spoon to “Nice Guys”. We noted a pattern of sympathetic or positive portrayals of perpetrators of violence against women – many stories calling them devoted dads, good guys, respected members of the community, esteemed coach, and, once, an “awesome husband”.

In 2016 it was awarded to “invisible women”. Namely, the media’s tendency to neglect to mention the woman’s name in cases of a violence against her and instead focus the majority of coverage on the perpetrator.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for what our theme this year should be. Let us know here.

Multimedia entries

For the first time, this year, we will be accepting submissions and nominations of multimedia pieces as well as written pieces. That means we will be accepting pieces of broadcast, radio, short documentaries, and podcasts.

We will be accepting pieces of up to 3 minutes in length for the Best Piece – News category, and up to 15 minutes in length for all other categories.

Submissions in other languages

We are keen to ensure that the Write Awards receive as broad a range of submissions as possible. We also know that many people writing on gender equality and violence against women in Scotland will be doing so in another language.

Unfortunately, due to our staff capacity and time constraints, we can only accept pieces that have been translated into English (this is something we would be keen to change in future years).

However, if you are unable to translate your piece please let us know – we will do all we can to share it among our networks and find someone with the expertise to get your piece translated and eligible for submission. Contact Jenny Lester at for more help.

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