Commercial Sexual Exploitation

reporting on cse

What is it?

Commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) describes a range of activities which (typically) men pay for or profit from, and which objectify and harm women. These include:

• stripping, pole-dancing and lap-dancing, peep shows

• prostitution, via massage parlours / saunas, brothels and escort agencies

• phone sex lines and web cams

• pornography

• trafficking

• sex tourism


Tips for reporting

Don’t use murdered/dead prostitute. Regardless of their past, women who were murdered are women first. Use ‘woman who was murdered’; use the woman’s name where possible.

Don’t use child prostitute, teenage prostitute. Sexual contact with a child is always abuse. Use ‘abused child’.

Focus on some men’s choices to exploit women, not the women’s ‘choices’ to be involved in prostitution.

Women involved in prostitution experience violence against women. Regardless of any financial transaction, they have a right to withdraw consent, and any activity after the withdrawal of consent is sexual assault or rape.


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