Campaigning for 30 years

Zero Tolerance branded graphic in black and white. Text reads "We can end men's violence against women and girls." Zero Tolerance 30th logo.

In December 1992, our founders and supporters covered the streets of Edinburgh with a striking poster campaign challenging myths and misconceptions about violence against women and girls. Public spaces were flooded with our logo, a large letter Z sending a clear message: violence against women and girls is never acceptable.

Photograph of Princes Street in 1002 with Zero Tolerance campaign posters on billboards down the street. Zero Tolerance campaign poster on a bus. "Premeditated, secret, frequent, violent." Zero Tolerance logo cut into the mound.

30 years later, and our goal remains the same, to end men’s violence against women and girls in Scotland.

We know this is possible.

We want to use our anniversary to spread the message.


Anniversary Activities

Future Tales Project – imagining Scotland free of inequality and violence

Poster for future tales. background image is a linocut.We’re working with Feniks Counselling, Personal Development and Support Services, Scottish Arab Women Association, Amina the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, Saheliya, Govanhill Housing Association, Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre to run workshops with minority ethnic women to talk about what a Scotland free of violence against women and girls would mean for them.

These workshops will be a space to explore a Scotland free of violence against women and girls through looking at women’s place in traditional fairy tales and how we may rewrite these narratives, using methods of art such as linocut.


We’re delighted to be working with the following artists in this project:

Marta Adamowicz, a visual and sound artist and illustrator of Polish origin, based in Glasgow, dealing mainly with social issues. Her artwork has been a part of many, prestigious open exhibitions in Scotland and London. She has received the An Talla Solais award on the RSA Open.

Robert Motyka, a Polish born, New Scot by choice video maker, projection artist and projection mapping lecturer. He is also actively supporting EU citizens’ rights and the Polish LBGT community. His recent interest is exploring art as a tool for social change and examination of the role of the artist in creating collaborative spaces for local communities.

Marzanna (Mana) Antoniak, culture animator and Govanhill Open Museum founder & coordinator. Mana is a culture animator, community development worker, trainer, and a language teacher with a special interest in working with people who have had little experience of formal education. She has worked on numerous projects celebrating cultural connections through art, music, poetry, and languages, and programmed cross-cultural festivals and events around Scotland and beyond. Marzanna can communicate in English, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Slovak, Ukrainian, Spanish & Persian.

Kasia Jackowska, a highly knowledgeable arts professional with more than 9 years of experience in Edinburgh's creative industries, mainly visual arts but also theatre and arts engagement. She managed the visual arts department and delivered a versatile and well received arts program, initiating, and maintaining the Scottish and international dialogue between contemporary artists and curators. Kasia worked with people from different walks of life, artists at different stages of their careers but also the youth and ethnic minorities.


Workshops available to book:

There currently aren't any workshops available to book. Please check back soon.


Our 30th Event

Save the date: the afternoon of Tuesday 29th November 2022

During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence we are inviting decision makers and policy influencers to an event to visualise a Scotland free of men’s violence against women and girls.

How can we stop this violence before it starts?

Step one, come to our event and join the conversation.

More information to come!


How you can get involved

We know ending violence against women and girls in Scotland is possible. To make it happen we need to end gender inequality and tackle all forms of oppression and discrimination. We also know that to end it, everyone needs to be a part of the conversation.

To mark our anniversary, we are inviting everyone to imagine a future in which gender inequality is thing of the past.


  • If you’re a minority ethnic women, attend one of our summer art events!
  • If you’re a policy maker, either come along to our 30th anniversary event or encourage your senior leaders to attend.
  • Encourage your MSP to attend our 30th anniversary event.
  • Watch this space for more…


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