Tips for reporting on Child Sexual Abuse

Tips for reporting

Sexual contact with a child is always abuse. Don’t use ‘child prostitute’, ‘teenage prostitute’, ‘underage women’, ‘schoolgirl lover’, ‘women on the younger side’, etc.

These terms present the violence as an issue of sexual morality and imply children can consent to sex, which is inaccurate. Children cannot consent to sex and are never willing participants in their abuse.

The above terms put the responsibility of the violence, or not avoiding it, on the child, and excuse the men accused. Instead, use ‘abused child’.

Don’t refer to child sexual abuse as ‘sex’.

This framing downplays the severity of men’s sexual violence.

Always call it by its name ‘sexual assault’ or ‘child sexual abuse’ except when the perpetrator is charged with rape.

Tip: Check The National Association of People Abused in Childhood’s media guidelines for reporting child abuse.

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