Our staff

Co-directors – Rachel Adamson and Laura Tomson

Laura joined Zero Tolerance in October 2010 and Rachel joined in May 2016. Their work includes managing the staff team, overseeing all project work and leading on the organisation’s policy work and strategic development.




Campaigns and Engagement Officer - Joanna Zawadzka

Joanna joined the organization in October 2017. Her role involves connecting with wide range of stakeholders to help boost awareness on gender equality issues and improve gender based violence prevention practices across the media, voluntary and statutory services.





Communications and Events Officer - Jenny Lester

Jenny joined Zero Tolerance in November 2017 as the Project Support Intern. In August 2018 she took up the role of Communications and Events Officer. She leads on the communications work of the organisation, including working with press, managing social media and the website. She also leads on planning of our events.

Finance and Administration Officer - Wendy Dumbrell

Wendy joined Zero Tolerance in February 2018. Wendy leads on all financial procedures within Zero Tolerance and supports the co-directors in ensuring good financial governance.

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