Anyone Can Play

Smiling Asian girl plays with building blocks, caption reads, "Anyone can play with blocks!"

Anyone Can Play is part of our Talking Gender series. It is all about how to talk to people about Gender Stereotypes and their effect on children.

Starting Off covers how to explain gender stereotypes and their harms to people who don’t agree, as well as tips for avoiding gender stereotypes when interacting with children.

Myth Busters covers all the common questions and myths we hear when discussing the harms of gender stereotypes and how to respond to them.



What can you do?

If you agree that gender stereotypes are harmful to children, then join the movement for change!

1. Start Talking Gender – use our guides to have conversations with family, friends, nurseries, and teachers, about the harms of gender stereotypes on children

2. Download and print out our #AnyoneCanPlay posters and display them at home, at work, or give them to your child’s nursery

3. Like, comment, and our campaign posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagramto get more people #TalkingGender

4. Donate – Help Zero Tolerance continue to lead work in primary prevention of men’s violence against women, through tackling gender inequality


Have we missed something?

Do you have any other strategies and tips for approaching these conversations?

If you have any useful resources or tips about how to talk to friends and family about gender, race, sexuality, and disability please just let us know – we’d love to include it here!

We are also taking pitches for #TalkingGender blogs - we want to know how you approach and experience these conversations.

Please email with any suggestions for additions or blog ideas.

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