WEVAW 2022 Shortlist

The shortlisted articles were judged by respected industry leaders and experts in their field. Decision-making is a rigorous two-stage process, including shortlisting by our expert steering group and subsequent selection of the winners by judges.

Judges and steering group members reviewing the Write to End Violence Against Women Award categories were selected for their experience and expertise.



Judged by Jane Debois, Head of Standards & Regulation at Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)


Author: Marion Scott

Title: The scale of it is truly frightening, unthinkable: MSP urges action to curb risks facing disabled women at risk of domestic violence and abuse

Publication: The Sunday Post

Date: 27.03.2022

Author: Pritti Mistry

Title: Domesic abuse protection orders "absolutely pointelss" say victims

Publication: BBC News

Date: 21.09.2022

Author: Billy Briggs

Title: Women had suicidal thoughts after misogynistic abuse by Patriotic Alternative's supporters

Publication: The Ferret

Date: 09.01.2022

Author: Harriet Clugston

Title: Police more likely to bring charges for rape, sexual assault and domestic abuse cases when victim is white

Publication: National World

Date: 02.11.2021

Author: Hannah Partos

Title: Life after FGM

Publication: Positive.News

Date: 02.02.2022

Author: Marion Scott & Alice Hinds

Title: Experts’ action call: Improve the way we teach pupils about relationships and tighten control over internet porn

Publication: The Sunday Post

Date: 12.12.2021

Author: Alys Harte & Rachel Stonehouse

Title: Reproductive coercion: 'I wasn't allowed to take my pill'

Publication: BBC News

Date: 14.03.2022




Judged by Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana (she/her),Head of Regulation at IMPRESS


Author: Dania Akkad

Title: After #WhereisNoof, Qatari women question how safe they really are

Publication: Middle East Eye

Date: 02.02.2022

Author: Zainab Iqbal

Title: The problem is men: Muslim women speak out against abuse in the US

Publication: Middle East Eye

Date: 28 July 2022

Author: Nadine White

Title: Child Q’s abuse reminds us that Black people are dehumanised every day

Publication: Independent

Date: 16.03.2022

Author: Sirin Kale

Title: ‘Honour killings? It should be called the devil’s work’: Bekhal Mahmod on the murder of her sister

Publication: The Guardian

Date: 22.06.2022

Author: Louise Wilson

Title: She was just walking home: was Sarah Everard's murder a turning point in tackling violence against women?

Publication: Holyrood

Date: 16.03.2022

Author: Hannah Al-Olthmen and Megan Agnew

Title: The army's shameful secret

Publication: The Times

Date: 30.01.2022

Author: Stephen Stewart

Title: Women in football: Our investigation reveals scale of sexist abuse facing those who love the game

Publication: Press and Journal

Date: 16.02.2022




Judged by Samira Ahmed is an award-winning journalist with 20 years' experience in print and broadcast, and is a Visiting Professor of Journalism at Kingston University



Author: Anna Moore

Title: Frank Mullane: how the murder of his sister and nephew changed his life and purpose

Publication: The Guardian

Date: 27.10.2021

Author: Sophie Gallagher

Title: Why do we ask this one terrible question every time a woman is killed?

Publication: Independent

Date: 07.07.2022

Author: Anna Moore

Title: ‘My childhood was stolen. Why is my adulthood being taken, too?’ The rape survivors waiting 1,000 days for prosecution

Publication: The Guardian

Date: 03.03.2022

Author: Dania Akkad

Title: After #WhereisNoof, Qatari women question how safe they really are

Publication: Middle East Eye

Date: 02.02.2022




Judged by Laura Bates, feminist campaigner and author and founder of the award-winning Everyday Sexism Project


Author: Winnie M Li

Title: The Emotional Labour of Dealing with the Media

Publication: On Road Media

Date: 05.07.2022

Author: Olivia Dickinson

Title: Like a girl: Gender stereotypes in education

Publication: Optimus Education

Date: 23.11.2021

Author: Caitlin Stuart-Delavaine

Title: Violence against women isn’t inevitable, it’s unbearable

Publication: University of Glasgow

Date: 07.10.2021

Author: Elizabeth Dalgarno, Natalie Page, Mukesh Kapila

Title: The malignant pseudo-science of ‘parental alienation’

Publication: Mukesh Kapila Blog

Date: 10.10.2021

Author: Lady Ragnell

Title: A Domestic Abuse, Victim vs. Survivor?

Publication: The Medium

Date: 16.02.2022

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