He is boisterous, I was clumsy - Gendering Children's Behaviour

He is boisterous, I was clumsy

By Maisie Geelen

There’s a little boy in my family who I look after regularly, he is a sweet, goodnatured child who actively enjoys helping others. I have watched him help push children on the swings, hold out zip-lines for others, and even check in with his pals if they seem unhappy. All very impressive for an eight-year-old, but then I am biased in this case. Let’s call this kid Apple.

Black History Month - Scotland's Women's Sector

Black History Month - Scotland's Women's Sector

Violence against women and girls still affects too many women in Scotland. This violence is exacerbated by other forms of prejudice such as racism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, classism and fatphobia.

Women’s News round-up: 12 months of gender inequality coverage

Grid of pictures: Caster Semenya, Lyra MacKee, Ada Hegerberg, Alesha MacPhail, Megan Rapinoe, Ursula von der Leyen, Christine Blasey Ford

In the run-up to our annual Write to End Violence Against Women Awards, we have created a short summary of all the biggest women’s news stories over the last 12 months.

Let’s look back on what we have achieved, uncovered, and are yet to overcome.

If you have read or written something thought provoking on any of these topics, or Violence Against Women more generally why not submit it to the awards?

Spotlight on the Scottish Media: Why language matters

9 newspapers, 5 days, 75 stories, 13 used inaccurate language to frame VAW

This June, Zero Tolerance Project Support Intern Nikki Chung is blogging about the results of her media monitoring study. She’s been scanning Scottish newspapers for stories about violence against women to get an idea about the state of media reporting in Scotland.

Gender Recognition Act Announcement

We support the ongoing process of reforming the Gender Recognition Act.

Zero Tolerance supports reforming the GRA to make it simpler for trans people to legally identify as their gender. If the reforms are passed, Scotland will be taking steps to challenge the harmful notions of gender binary which perpetuate inequality and violence against all women and non-binary people.

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