Gender Friendly Gifts for Wee Ones

Have yourself a gender equal christmas!

A guide for last-minute, Christmas-tired, parents and family

It’s that time of year when parents can be swamped by pink and blue presents. As the mother of a wee three years old boy (who’s birthday also happens to be Christmas day) who loves pink and rainbows, getting barraged with angry toy cars and action men can be tiresome.

Women’s News round-up: 12 months of gender inequality coverage

In the run-up to our annual Write to End Violence Against Women Awards, we have created a short summary of all the biggest women’s news stories over the last 12 months.

Picture of 5 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards Trophies

Zero Tolerance 1992 Campaign: The Legacy

Maria Sofou, a student in Gender Studies at Stirling University, has been researching our archives and finding out more about our 1992 campaign.

The way that the Zero Tolerance campaign successfully framed the gendered nature of violence was part of the reason it was so innovative. It began from the premise that men are the predominantly the perpetrators of sexual assault and child abuse, and women and children are usually the targets of such violence. the campaign shifted the discussion from something that was deemed private, and the woman’s responsibility, to calling on all men to assume responsibility and end all violence. However, successfully challenging the dominant discourse of the time, by articulating a counter-hegemonic understanding of men’s sexual violence against women and children, was not the campaign’s sole legacy.

Mad Men can change the world

By Susan Murray, Zero Tolerance Co-director

You can’t beat a powerful advertising campaign. They have the potential to make you stop, reflect, change your perceptions or buying habits. However, in this world of mass media, it’s harder to get messages heard above the noise.

Feminist Festival Guide

By Jenny Lester, Zero Tolerance Project Support Intern

The BBC reported last week that there has been a surge in shows about “social issues” this Edinburgh Fringe. Sadly, the Fringe guide does not allow you to search for shows with the criteria, “must be feminist”, so, we’ve put together a handy guide to finding interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking feminist performances this Fringe and book festival!

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