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TRAINING - SOLD OUT Under Pressure - Preventing Abuse and Exploitation in Teen Relationships

The Under Pressure training programme aims to support professionals working with young people to open discussions with them about some of the challenges and pressures they may be facing. Those challenges include risks of grooming and sexual exploitation, negotiating online safety, engaging in healthy consent-based relationships, and dealing with the pressures to conform to idealised models of ‘how to be’ men and women.

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Under Pressure Lunchtime Sessions for Youth Workers

🗓 26th Jan , 2nd Feb and 3rd Mar - 12 noon - 1.30pm

These interactive, discursive sessions will be a space to learn, share your experiences and connect with other practitioners wishing to prevent gender based violence and abuse in their communities.

In these lunchtime discussion sessions, we’ll explore in more detail some emerging issues raised during our time delivering Under Pressure.

Session 1

26th January

Young people and social media; what are they using, how are they engaging, what is the dark web? What are the risks and benefits of each of these platforms?

Session 2

2nd Febuary

Young people, representation and online media; what are the messages young people are engaging with around gender, sex and relationships, and identity. How do we support resilience when it’s hard to make mistakes online?

Session 3

3rd March

Young people and coercive control; what does it look like? Where are we learning this across our culture and society? And how can we prevent it?

Under Pressure Training for Youth Workers: Online Event

🗓 24th Feb 10.30-12.30

A free half-day training course is aimed at youth workers, residential care staff, and other practitioners working with young people.

If you are interested in co-organising delivery of this training in your area or if you want more information, please get in touch with us on :
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