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Take One Action Film Festival Feminist Picks

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This year, the Take One Action Film Festival has gone online, from 16-27th September, and we have a list of some of their films containing feminist perspectives. To find the rest of their schedule, go to

Here are our feminist picks:

Coded Bias:

This film is about an MIT media lab researcher who discovers the biases of artificial intelligence and facial recognition software which “mirror and magnify the toxic racism and sexism that are already so deep-rooted in society”, emphasizing the need for legislative protections. “It celebrates the women who, with humour, intelligence and determination, are leading the collective fight for justice in the age of automation”.


This film is about a pregnant women seeking refuge, paying homage to "the power of female solidarity and the desire, shared by so many Moroccan women, to take control of their future.”

A Bridge between Starshine and Clay shorts:

These 3 short films from Brazil, South Africa and South Korea “explore the female body (constantly under scrutiny, subject to structural violence…) and celebrate the female gaze”.

Women in Motion shorts:

Women in Motion is a programme of short films directed by women, “exploring women’s relationship to place, ancestry and their physical selves”.

Made in Bangladesh: Live Q&A Friday 25th September:

Rubaiyat Hossain is a Bangladeshi filmmaker and women’s rights activist. This Q&A will be a “conversation exploring the complex dynamics of women’s empowerment within the context of fast fashion – and the power of unions”.

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