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Winners of 2015 Awards

The organisers of this year's awards were extremely excited to have a full house at the Scottish Parliament garden lobby last night for the 2015 Write to End Violence Against Women awards. We are incredibly grateful to all our speakers and supporters, especially Fiona Hyslop who presented the Best Article Comment & Features award and Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale for sponsoring the event. We were also delighted that Green MSP Alison Johnstone, whose support has been instrumental in building and growing the awards, was in attendance last evening.

Although there is plenty of work to do to achieve full gender equality and tackle all forms of violence against women in Scottish society, it was incredibly inspiring and heartening to be in a room packed full of people -- from our speakers, to our judging panel, to our shortlisted writers, to our political leader, to women's sector representatives -- who are working tirelessly to make Scotland a more equal society where violence against women is not tolerated.

So, without further ado, the winners of the 2015 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards are. . .

Best Article - News

Judith Duffy
Scottish women taking on the sexist curse of street harassment
Sunday Herald

Best Article – Comment & Features

Alex Renton
Rape, child abuse and Prince Charles’s former school
The Observer

Best Blog

Isabelle Kerr
"Fifty Shades of Grey" Saviour of Relationships or Abuser's Handbook
Glasgow Rape Crisis Blog

Best Student Article

Eve Livingston
On Rape Culture
Personal blog -

Gender Equality Award 2015 Sponsored by Women 5050

Gina Davidson
Let's Hear it for the Smart Girls
Edinburgh Evening News

Wooden Spoon

This year's Wooden Spoon Went Collectively to "Headlines"

A lot of reporting about good violence against women is sold short by headlines that seem design to capture readers’ attention in the most graphic way possible. In 2016, we'll be encouraging media outlets to think more deeply about how they headline their stories. Watch this space for more developments. . .

To read more about the 2015 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards, please visit our media partner, The National Newspaper.

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