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SURVEY CLOSED - Research - How do we learn about sex as teenagers?

Zero Tolerance is a national campaigning organisation working to prevent all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). We do this through raising public and political awareness of the causes of VAWG and promoting action on prevention. Our policy and campaign work focus on mainstreaming gender equality, specifically with children and young people, and in the media. We also work directly with key sectors, organisations, and individuals to develop their skills, capacity, and understanding regarding the prevention of VAWG.

This survey has been produced by our Project Support Intern, Saffron Roberts, and is aimed at 18-25 year-olds. Our objective is to better understand how this group learnt about sex as teenagers, and what methods they relied on for this education.

What is the purpose of this research?

To gain a greater understanding of the way we learn about sex as teenagers, and how this consequently informs our attitudes as adults. In doing so it shall serve to inform and shape Zero Tolerance's future
resources and strategy for young people.

What do we mean by ‘learning about sex’?

When thinking about how you learned about sex, you may consider what you learned about:
- The facts of reproduction

- Different sexual practices
- What sexual practices and feelings are considered ‘normal’
- Consent
- Pleasure
- Any other aspects of sex and sexuality that you learned about while growing up

The survey is about the information you received when learning about sex. It is not about the information you know now, as an adult, or about your personal opinions about sex.


Notes for participants:

Some questions may be triggering for participants; please do not feel obliged to respond to anything that makes you uncomfortable. For additional support and advice relating to Gender-Based Violence, see links to resources and support organisations here:

There is no obligation to take part in this research, and consent can be revoked at any time whilst you are completing the survey if you do not wish for your responses to be used for Zero Tolerance’s research purposes. However, once you have pressed ‘submit’, your responses cannot be revoked, as they will not be identifiable.
All responses will be recorded anonymously. You do not need to give a name, email address, or phone number to participate. All responses will later be assigned a number by our research team (for example, Respondents 1 through 20) in order to report our findings. The survey will close on 2nd of November.

The consequent report may be made available on the Zero Tolerance’s website, shared on social media, and in the mainstream media. Individual responses and statistics made available in the report will remain anonymous and will not be attached to any kind of potentially identifying information.

If you have any questions, would like to provide further comments, or learn more about this project, please feel free to contact us at Should you choose to contact us via email, the information you provide will remain confidential.

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