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Attention Early Years staff: Chance to win £100 Amazon voucher for your nursery

Background image of young children painting. Text reads "Early years staff: chance to win £100 Amazon voucher for your nursery"

Do you work with Children under five?

We want to hear from early years staff across Scotland, including nursery workers and childminders, on your experience of gender equality in early years settings.

Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership and ourselves are working with The Collective to evaluate the Gender Friendly Nursery programme and learn how gender equality work can best be delivered across Scotland. We’d like to hear from all early-years settings across Scotland about their experiences and ideas around gender equality training.

Answer the ten-minute survey and you can enter to win a £100 Amazon voucher for your nursery.

Survey responses will inform the development of the Gender Friendly Nursery programme and form recommendations on gender equality work in the early years for Scotland. 

The deadline for participating in the survey is Monday the 20th of June 2022.

If you have any questions about the survey or the evaluation- please do get in touch with

About the Gender Friendly Nursery Programme

The Gender Friendly Nursery programme aims to improve gender equality by reducing gender stereotypes, common ideas on ‘how to be’ a boy or girl.

Gender Friendly training covers:

  • gender
  • equity and equality
  • gender stereotypes

Staff are asked to think about their own practice and wider working environment, and how they may be more gender equal. The aim is for no child to be limited because of their gender.

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