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Winners of the 2016 Write Awards

A huge thank you to all of you who attended the 2016 Write Awards last night. We were thrilled to see such a packed event with so many people passionate about good media representation about violence against women. Our fantastic compere Talat Yaqoob held the evening together, reminding us that while the Write Awards may only be an annual event, we can hold our media accountable all year round. We would like to give thanks to our speaker Cabinet Secretary Angela Constance and our MSP sponsor Christina McKelvie; it is wonderful to have MSPs who are actively and vocally challenging the narrative that says violence against women is ever acceptable and we are glad to have their support. Huge thanks as well to our wonderful panel of judges and of course all the writers who entered this year's competition.

We'll be posting more about the awards in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out - for now please enjoy the winners of this year's awards.

Winner of Best Article – News

Libby Brooks, The Guardian

‘Sexist hate crimes given second-class status, says senior Tory MP’

Winner of Best Article – Comment & Feature

Vicky Allan, The Herald

India - in the land where women are deemed worthless

Best Blog

Claire Heuchan, Sister Outrider

‘Self-Care or Speaking Out? A Black Feminist Dilemma’

Best article – Student and Young Person

Lucy Miller, Glasgow Guardian

‘Whose streets? Our streets!’ – How Glasgow reclaimed the night

Gender Equality Awards 2016: Women And Migration

Ferret journalists; Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi, Lyra McKee, Karin Goodwin, The Ferret

Domestic violence: ‘Home Office must act to save lives’

Wooden Spoon

Rather than award “worst article” or wooden spoon to a particular article, the organisers have decided to award this year’s Wooden Spoon to a theme. This recognises the shortcomings of representation as a whole, rather than singling out one individual journalist.

This year, the Wooden Spoon was awarded to the them of ‘invisible women’. Namely, the media’s tendency to neglect to mention the woman in cases of a family killing and instead focus the majority of coverage on the perpetrator. This theme was motivated by two instances of women being killed by their partner; Claire Hart in Spalding, England and Clodagh Hawe in County Cavan, Ireland. In both instances the husband killed their wife, children and then themselves.

The Wooden Spoon award was presented by Kirsty Strickland and we will be publishing a transcript of her presentation before Christmas.

You can take a look at a Storify with all the tweets from the evening: View the story "Write to End Violence Against Women Awards 2016" on Storify

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