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Violence Unseen Exhibition

Over the past decades there have been dramatic changes to public attitudes around some aspects of men’s violence against women. Yet domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of violence against women are still prevalent in Scotland today, especially for groups of women who face other forms of discrimination; women with learning disabilities, women who sell sex, lesbian, bisexual and trans (LBT) and black and minority ethnic women.

To create Violence Unseen, Zero Tolerance and award-winning photographer Alicia Bruce have worked with groups and individuals affected by men’s violence to create photographs that explore the types of violence against women that remain unseen and unacknowledged by mainstream society. The photographs shine a light on the types of violence against women that still remain unacceptably hidden and better represent the constellation of women’s lived experiences.

We are thrilled to invite people to the exhibition of these photos. Entry is free and open to the public from 3rd to 9th September, at Stills Gallery, in Edinburgh. (Please be aware that on Monday the exhibition will only be open until 3pm)

Please note that some of the content in the exhibition deals with sexual violence, abuse and exploitation which some people might find upsetting.

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Violence Unseen BrochureViolence Unseen Brochure Photos and information about the Violence Unseen exhibition

Violence Unseen Exhibition Manual / Terms and Conditions of HireViolence Unseen Exhibition Manual / Terms and Conditions of Hire In this document, you will find the Terms and Conditions of hire and instructions on how to set up and take down the Violence Unseen Exhibition and get it ready for shipping.