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Inquiry into sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct at the Scottish Parliament

Tomorrow our Policy and Research Officer Amy Johnson will present evidence to the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee who are conducting an inquiry into sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct at the Scottish Parliament.

Sexual harassment, and other forms of violence in the workplace are inextricably linked to sexist attitudes and women’s inequality. To prevent violence, we must challenge the misogynistic attitudes which allow it to continue, alongside making concrete steps to promote women’s economic equality with men.

We recommend that the Scottish Parliament acknowledge that gender inequality is a root cause of sexual harassment; this will send out a clear message that will serve to challenge the societal norms that permit sexual harassment and violence against women to occur.

You can read our full written submission by reading the attached document below.

Key facts

  • Research from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the Everyday Sexism Project found that 52% of women in the UK had experienced unwanted behaviour at work including groping, sexual advances and inappropriate jokes. For women and girls aged 16-24, the proportion reporting experiences of sexual harassment rose to 63%.
  • Of all employees and workers surveyed by the TUC, four out of five women experiencing sexual harassment did not report the unwanted behaviour to their employer due to fear that it would negatively impact their work relationships.
  • In our 'Sexism is a Waste' report 10% of women reported violence occurring during their work and 74% reported experiencing sexual harassment.
  • Over a third of these women were unsure whether their employer would support them should they disclose this harassment.

Find out more about the inquiry on the Scottish Parliament website.
Read our 'Sexism is a Waste report' here.

Download our written submission to parliament below.

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