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Gender Recognition Act Announcement

The Scottish Government has announced they will be creating a draft Reform on the Gender Recognition Bill, and they will be opening the second round of consultation on this draft.

We support the ongoing process of reforming the Gender Recognition Act.

Zero Tolerance supports reforming the GRA to make it simpler for trans people to legally identify as their gender. If the reforms are passed, Scotland will be taking steps to challenge the harmful notions of gender binary which perpetuate inequality and violence against all women and non-binary people.

We are heartened to see the government’s statement this afternoon as it signals that reforms are moving forward. We will be spending time considering what has been announced today, in partnership with other organisations, before making a response on the specifics of this announcement.

You can read our consultation response, created collectively with other women’s organisations, here.

You can read more about our position here.

You can also read consultation responses from Stonewall, LGBT Youth Scotland, and Scottish Trans Alliance on their websites.

This conversation requires respect on all sides and acknowledgement that we are all fighting for an end to inequality and men’s violence against all women.

We believe there is a false narrative being created around this specific piece of legislation. There are myths and mistruths circulating. We will not repeat them here because they are harmful and violent to all women.

We support trans and non-binary rights because they are human rights. Not because of any external pressure. Trans and non-binary people are integral to, and contribute to, feminism.

All women and non-binary people experience sexist attitudes, discrimination and violence. Trans women and non-binary people also experience an additional layer of discrimination for failing to conform to the gender norms expected of them. This violence is rooted in the same cause - gender inequality.

Being critical of gender norms, expectations and the gender binary allows us to dismantle the oppression that all women face. The reformation of the GRA and a movement towards trans and non-binary rights are a critical step forward to ending inequality and therefore violence against all women, including trans-women and non-binary people.

The reality faced by women and non-binary people in Scotland is unacceptably dangerous. We must dismantle the systems that create this reality and perpetuate violence. Today’s announcement is a welcome step forward towards this.

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