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Blog: A short guide on what to read and watch to make #BlackLivesMatter

By Saffron Roberts and Heather Farley

COVID-19 has brought the gaping inequalities that already exist within our society to their forefront, and this, as we know, is only getting worse. However, this week we saw the return to mainstream media of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Except, the thing is, Black Lives never stopped mattering, and Black people never stopped being killed by those who are appointed to protect them. This resurgence of open conversation about race - catalysed by the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man by white police offers in Minneapolis - is imperative; we mustn’t let it disappear. Albeit geographically distant to us here in Scotland, this event has unified people across the globe in the condemnation of systemic racism. White people have a responsibility to keep this conversation going, to confront the uncomfortable nature that is prevalent racism and complicity, and to learn from and listen to the very real fears of Black communities. Read more

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