What we're looking for

Pieces submitted to the Write to End Violence Against Women Awards will be shortlisted by our steering group and judged by a panel of industry experts. Find out about our previous judges here.

The pieces will be judged on three criteria:

1. How well written is the piece?

Is this a good piece of journalism?

Is the quality of the writing good?

Does it flow well? Is language well utilised?

Is it enjoyable to read?

2. Does this piece challenge gender inequality and/or violence against women?

If the piece is about violence against women, does it follow good practice guidelines on how to report on this? Read about these guidelines here.

If the piece is about gender equality, does it effectively raise awareness about it as an issue and challenge it?

How does the piece use language? Does it challenge or re-inforce myths and stereotypes? e.g. implying the survivor is to blame; portraying perpetrators as beasts or fiends, or as misunderstood anti-heroes; describing violence as crimes of passion.

Does the piece place the story in a wider context of Violence Against Women included by using experts, facts, and figures?

Does this piece talk about the root cause of violence against women?

Is contact with survivors of abuse or violence conducted with respect for their experience, dignity and safety?

Does the piece provide helplines at the end of the article?

For more information see our guidance on responsible reporting on Violence Against Women.

3. Does this piece have a Wow factor?

How innovative is this piece?

It is original?

Does it contribute something new to the discourse?

Is it on an unusual topic, or does it shed new light on an old topic?

Does it give an interesting perspective to a story?

Is it from a voice you haven't heard before?

Is it from the perspective of an underrepresented group?

Does it make you think?

You can read winning pieces from previous years here.

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