Further reading

Violence Against Women in Scotland:

Equally Safe (2016): Scotland’s strategy for preventing and eradicating violence against women

Equally Safe : A Delivery Plan for Scotland’s strategy to prevent Violence Against Women

Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland, 2016-2017

Scottish Government Domestic Abuse in Scotland Key Facts

Scotland’s national action plan to prevent and eradicate female genital mutilation (fgm)

Exploring available knowledge and evidence on prostitution in Scotland via practitioner-based interviews - Scottish Government

Engender (2017) Sex & Power in Scotland

Rape Crisis Scotland: Facts About Sexual Violence in Scotland

Scottish Social Attitudes Survey (2014) Attitudes to VAW


Know your A-Z - Preventing Violence Against Women

How to Change the Story Framework - Our Watch

Putting Prevention into practice - Our Watch

A toolkit for practitioners / Community Based Prevention of Violence Against Women


Advertising Standards Agency - Depictions, Perceptions and Harm - Report


Sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality


Media representations of Domestic Abuse- Oxford Research Encyclopedia

Sex Crimes and The Media - Oxford Research Encyclopedia


Mapping the state of online violence against women and girls in Europe - European Womens Lobby

A research project exploring young people’s use of technology in their romantic relationships and love lives


Introducing Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessments.

Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps - And What We Can Do About It

Gender Equity in the Early Years Book by Naima Browne

See Jane - US campaign to increase and improve the representation of girls in
children’s media

Let Toys Be Toys campaign

Gender and Education Association

Good sources of data:


United Nations Database on Ending VAW

United Nations Gender Statistical Databasehttps

VAW Net compilation of expert reports and general data

OECD Data on VAW attitudes, occurrence and legal responseshttps

WHO Factsheet on VAW (updated November 2016)

EU survey on VAW (2014)

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Introducing Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact AssessmentsIntroducing Child Rights and Wellbeing Impact Assessments

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