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'Observing Women at Work' - Franki Raffles exhibition

Glasgow School of Art's new exhibition Observing Women At Work presents a selection of black and white photographs and material by photographer Franki Raffles.

This exhibition is of great significance to us because Franki Raffles (1955-1994) was the photographer who created the initial 1992 campaign. Her genius was the ability to take a complex subject matter and through her powerful photography communicate it in a way which was simple, effective and easily understood by a very broad range of people. 

The original six-month campaign used four posters to raise awareness about the reality and prevalence of child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault, and domestic violence. Based on research and rooted in the experience of women and children, the posters used black and white photography and text to challenge existing attitudes. The campaign generated overwhelming interest and support at a local and national level.

This exhibition is a chance to see the original photographs from the campaign, as well as Raffles' other work. The exhibition will run until 27 April. Find out more here.

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