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Preventing Violence
Against Women

bringing together individuals and
organisations from across Scotland

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Pleasure vs. Profit: Growing Up in Pornified Scotland

What is Zero Tolerance?

Zero Tolerance is a charity working to tackle the causes of men’s violence against women. Too many women in Scotland, and around the world, experience violence from men – most often men they are close to and/or who are in a position of power over them. We believe that men’s violence against women is caused by gender inequality, and that it helps this inequality to continue.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We work with individuals, communities, women’s organisations, schools, the media and others to address the causes of violence against women, and bring about change.

Change is Possible. Make it Happen.


Latest News

Zero Tolerance seeks trustees

Zero Tolerance is seeking to recruit skilled, enthusiastic and committed trustees to our board.
About us
MoreJune 19, 2015

Launch of the 2015 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards

A group of women’s charities, the National Union of Journalists Scotland and media partner, The National Newspaper are encouraging the public to get involved with the 2015 Write to End Violence
MoreJune 19, 2015


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