Write to End VAW bursary

Write to end VAW journalism bursary

From 2014 to 1019 we ran the Write to End Violence Against Women Bursary to help launch the career of an aspiring journalist who is committed to tackling violence against women and its cause – gender inequality.

The recipient is paid to write news and feature pieces covering these topics in a sensitive and responsible way. These pieces are then published in a national newspaper.

Reporting on violence against women and gender inequality can play a vital role in increasing understanding and challenging their place in our society.

In 2019/20 we will be working with the Daily Record who will be jointly commissioning articles, our bursary winner this year is Poppy Joy Watson. We are very excited to read her articles that will be written this year!

Read 2019/2020 bursary winner, Poppy Jo Watson's articles.

Read 2018/19 bursary winner, Jennifer Constable's article in the Daily Record.

Read 2016/17 bursary winner, Annie McLaughlin's writing for the Sunday Herald.

Read 2014/15 bursary winner, Kirsty Strickland's writing for the National.

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