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Violence Against Women mythbuster

Common myths that we often see when discussing violence against women - and what the real story is.

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One Thousand Words

Produced with Scottish Women’s Aid, one thousand words is a bank of accredited, ethical and free stock images for news outlets to use when reporting on domestic abuse and violence against women.

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What the audience wants

Our 'What the Audience Wants' report was funded by the Vodafone charitable foundation and looks at how media reporting shapes audience perceptions of violence against women.

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Media Briefing

This briefing contains facts and statistics on how media shapes our perceptions of violence against women.

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What journalists need to know about the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill

This briefing is for journalists who are reporting on what is now the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act. It was produced in consultation with Scottish Women's Aid and ASSIST

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Handle with Care (summary)

In a rush? This four page guide gives our top tips and language guide for responsible reporting.

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Handle with Care (full version)

This guide offers comprehensive advice on various issues from interviewing survivors to providing relevant context and ensuring that violence is neither trivialised nor sensationalised.

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