Write a Blog for us about children and gender stereotypes!

We are looking for blogs about personal experience of Talking Gender on gender stereotypes and the harms they can cause in children.


Who we want to write

We are looking for people who have children or who work with children (in nurseries, early primary schools, and as child minders) who agree that gender stereotyping is harmful to children.

We’re particularly interested in pieces which represent voices not often heard on our blog, for example women of colour, LGBT women, disabled women, and women from rural communities.


What we want writing about

We are looking for personal experiences of promoting gender equality with children.

How you go about encouraging gender equality, and the difficulties you face.

Any confrontation or disagreements you have faced from colleagues, parents, friends, and family and how you deal with it. Any common misconceptions or myths?

How do you respond to these misconceptions, myths, and disagreements?

Why you think it is important to dispel these misconceptions and myths, and to discuss gender with people who don’t agree.


Word count

We are looking for blogs from 700 to 1,300 words, though if you have an idea that is outside of these parameters please feel free to get in touch to discuss this.



We are offering a fee of £75 per blog piece, which will be paid after invoice. Please get in touch if you want to discuss this.



If you want to be considered for a paid piece, please send an email to with a short pitch by Tuesday 12 February.

This should include:

  • You name and a little bit about yourself
  • If you work with or have young children
  • What you want to write about
  • Please also include an example of your previous writing (published or unpublished).

You can also send us completed blog posts, but please note that we can’t guarantee we will accept them or offer a fee.

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