Treated like a Commodity: PunterNet and Prostitution Review Sites

Having never frequented a prostitute or brothel personally, I was naively unaware that much like that PS3 game you bought on Amazon or that second hand tea dress purchased on eBay, customers or ‘punters’ are encouraged to give feedback on their ‘purchases’, or in this case the women they have bought for 45 minutes, an hour or two etc.

Sites like PunterNet, described by the London Evening Standard as “…the most successful of the prostitute-reviewing Internet sites”, collate these reviews so that you, the client, can make an informed choice about the woman you wish to buy. Having done a quick search of the Edinburgh area only, here are just a few examples of some of the feedback these women, and girls, have received. Please note: These are direct quotes taken from clients and, as you can imagine, they tend to be very sexually explicit. I would also like to put a trigger warning at this point as some of this language may be upsetting. All names have been changed. Positive Reviews (Recommended to other potential clients) “…Is intelligent and puts you at ease with great conversation…. good at licking my scrotum…. fully encouraged me to cum over her breasts--which I did with porn-star-like style. She’s great!!” “Probably the cleanest and nicest fanny I’ve ever licked” “I rubbed my cock all over her face to rub the spunk in. I felt brilliant. That was so special.” “Well worth the money… next time I’ll fuck her before I’m tossed and sucked beyond all hope.” “Wondered if she was as eager as she looked. As it turns out, a very willing cock sucker and a great kisser.” “I got her to use her dildo on herself while i held her head and really fucked her face, shooting a load all over her boobs and chin – dirty cow!” “I just love having the old tadger inside this lovely lady and fucking her for the (very) great deal that she is worth.” What struck me most about the so-called positive reviews was the abundance of the word ‘I’: “I rubbed my cock all over her face…I felt brilliant”, “which I did with porn-star-like style.”, “I’ll fuck her before I’m tossed and sucked beyond all hope.” It seems once a woman has been paid for, she is the client’s to do with as he pleases. In one review a client describes how he made a particular woman use a sex toy on herself and held her head down while he “fucked her face”, the client then goes on to describe the woman as a “dirty cow”. The irony of this seems lost on said client; he has paid for her to do these things, and as such expects them to be done, when the woman does perform these acts, due to needing the money, she is a “dirty cow”. Negative Reviews “Enthusiastic and a good fuck. However at £70 notes this was far from what I would call good value.” “Cost is too high. Parlours need refreshed. Girls are getting old.” “Nice looking, but so high on drugs.” “Diane looked a bit uninterested so I chose Amanda.” “Booked for 45 minutes…. I was told politely but firmly not to touch her pussy…. Stopped every ten or so seconds to wipe her mouth on a piece of tissue paper…. Awkward hand activity…. A big disappointment.” “Buoyed up by the physical look of Amanda, the good time I looked forward to never happened. She might as well raise a “Do Not Touch” sign, for everything appears out of bounds. She doesn’t cum, she doesn’t respond to oral, she doesn’t like have her breasts or nipples or pussy touched.” “Just isn’t worth spending time with. I’ll stick to the genuinely leggy lovelies in (name of specific sauna removed), all of whom I’ve written up, and all of whom have been given deserved praise and credit.” “Appeared nothing to write home about” In some ways I find the negative reviews even more distressing. These women are often chastised for not having as good a time as the clients would like/expect given their clear sexual prowess. “Stopped every ten or so seconds to wipe her mouth on a piece of tissue paper”; “She doesn’t cum, she doesn’t respond to oral, she doesn’t like have her breasts or nipples or pussy touched.” What becomes immediately apparent is that not only do these women have to be available for sex, in any orifice, 24/7 they must also do a good job of pretending they are into it or risk an unfavourable review, which could result in a lack of clients, and subsequently a loss in earnings. I am not here to argue whether or not some of these women enjoy their jobs, however to assume they are all gleefully ‘up-for-it’ with any, and all, of the differing men that walk through their doors is just wilful ignorance. General Reviews “On looks and figure Tiffany is better. Would i return too Tanya – possibly, but having visited theres others i’d like to see” “I noticed condom was soaking, guess she got to cum more times than I did…. Hard to say if i’d go back with the choice available in the city but you never know.” These last two were included to show how much power lies with the client, and perhaps slightly to roll my eyes in scornful pity at the sentence “She got to cum more times than I did….” yeah, I’m sure she did. But the real point is these men are effectively saying ‘don’t do a good job, well there are plenty of other girls ready and willing to take your place, so put on a good show’. And unlike the many TV shows and films that portray prostitutes and prostitution as independent, glamorous career choices these two reviews show where the real power lies: with the person paying. This is just a small selection of the 1000’s upon 1000’s of reviews available on many different prostitute reviewing websites. And aside from the obvious extremely derogatory way these women are described: “dirty cow”, “willing cock sucker”, “ready fanny”, “girls are getting old”. It’s phrases like, “not what I would call good value”; “Well worth the money”; and “A big disappointment” that could have been taken from any retailers product reviews and truly show how these women, often from backgrounds including poverty and abuse, are viewed – nothing more than a commodity to be bought and sold and they better damn well like it, or at least be a hell of a good actress.
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