Rape Crisis launch 'I Just Froze' campaign

Today we were at the launch of Rape Crisis Scotland's powerful new campaign, 'I Just Froze'. This campaign challenges the narrative that says fighting back is the only correct response to rape. In reality, freezing is a perfectly natural response to trauma. The stigma and fear of not being believed prevents many people from coming forward and reporting their rape.

Watch the #IJustFroze videos below

Survivors often fear being judged for their behaviour if they were unable to fight back during a rape and this can stop them coming forward to disclose what has happened. They may worry about being judged in court which can make them hesitate, delay or even prevent them altogether from reporting the assault to the police.

The campaign is online and can be found on the Rape Crisis website. Please help by sharing and promoting this important campaign. Links to the videos, images and info are on the Rape Crisis website so you can share them online. You could even organise a screening of the videos at your school or place of work.

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