Judith Duffy, winner of Best Article – News for her Sunday Herald piece on street harassment.

Over the festive break, we'll be sharing reflections from each of our 2015 Write to End Violence Against Women Awards winners which were originally published in the National Newspaper on 11 December 2015.

I WAS delighted to win the award for best news article at this year’s Write to End Violence Awards, which had so many fantastic entries in all categories.

My article published in the Sunday Herald – ‘Scottish women taking on the sexist curse of street harassment’ – was written in the wake of the case of Poppy Smart, a young woman who went to the police after being plagued by wolf-whistling and sexist comments from builders every day.

The article uncovered some shocking statistics about the levels of sexual harassment experienced by women in the street and highlighted the work being done by movements like Hollaback, which encourages women to share their experiences of unwelcome jeers and obscenities.

Too often this issue is dismissed as harmless banter or wolf-whistling – yet it is something which impacts on everyday lives. Many women will have experienced that feeling of dread walking past a building site on their own.

As one of the Hollaback campaigners noted, 10 years ago street harassment wasn’t even a term, just something that happened. It is mainly thanks to the efforts of women like Poppy Smart that attitudes are beginning to change.

You can read Judith's winning piece by linking through here.

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