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Everyday Terrorism: How Fear Works in Domestic Abuse

"Everyday Terrorism: How Fear Works in Domestic Abuse", was carried out by Professor Rachel Pain of Durham University's Centre for Social Justice and Community Action, in conjunction with Scottish Women's Aid. The study, conducted with women and men who had experienced domestic abuse in Scotland, focuses on the fear which domestic abuse instils in the victim, and examines the conditioning which prevents many from feeling able to leave.

Evidence Assessment of the Impacts of the Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex: A Review

The report provides a rapid evidence assessment of available evidence on the impact of the criminalisation of the purchase of sex and examines existing international evidence which draws predominantly

Expect Respect: Women's Aid Education Toolkit

The Expect Respect Education Toolkit consists of one easy to use 'Core' lesson for each year group from reception to year 13 and is based on themes that have been found to be effective in tackling domestic abuse. Although the Expect Respect Education Toolkit is targeted for use by teachers within schools, it can just as easily be used by a range of other professionals working with children and young people in a variety of settings such as youth clubs or play schemes.

Exploring Available Knowledge and Evidence on Prostitution in Scotland via Practitioner-Based Interviews

Exploration of available knowledge and evidence on the scale and nature of prostitution in Scotland based on practitioner-based interviews.


Exploring the Scale and Nature of Child Sexual Exploitation in Scotland

The study had three aims: to review existing research, policy and practice literature from the UK regarding the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation, and trafficking for sexual exploitation, focusing on Scotland; to review key Scottish statistics regarding the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation in Scotland; and to gather preliminary and exploratory information from key professionals regarding their perceptions of the scale and nature of child sexual exploitation in Scotland.


A 10 minute film on 'sexting'; described as someone taking an indecent image of themselves, and sending it to their friends or boy/girlfriend via a mobile phone or some other form of technology. The film is intended to raise awareness for young people.

Female Genital Mutialtion: Information Pack

Produced by FORWARD, regarded as the lead agency working to tackle FGM in the UK , this document gives an in depth introduction of FGM including further reading. For further information about Forward visit: http://www.forwarduk.org.uk/

Female Genital Mutilation Fact Sheet

Accessible and concise online document which outlines the WHO's efforts to eliminate FGM through advocacy, research and guidance.  

Feminist Judgments from Theory to Practice

The Feminist Judgments Project is a dynamic and innovative research project in which a group of feminist socio-legal scholars have written alternative feminist judgments in a series of significant cases in English law. Rather than simply critiquing existing judgments, the participants have put 'theory into practice' by engaging in a practical, 'real world' exercise of judgment-writing, subject to the same constraints that bind appellate judges.

FGM in the UK: contextual issues and challenges

See the presentation here.



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