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Map of Gaps: The Postcode Lottery of Violence Against Women Support Services


Mapping Service Responses to Children and Young People Affected by Domestic Abuse and Other Gender Based Violence in Glasgow


MEASURE WHAT YOU TREASURE: Well-being and young people, how it can be measured and what the data tells us

From David Cameron to Ban Ki-moon, Dr Anthony Seldon to Professor Richard Layard, many agree that encouraging well-being is a priority. But what is its role in public policy, particularly with regards to young people? How can we measure progress on such a subjective issue? And what does data on well-being tell us about how girls and boys are faring?

Media boards

WISE Women has developed five poster boards depicting everyday images and headlines about women. It uses these to run educational sessions to raise awareness of the unrealistic representation and goals set by the media industry and its role in heightening women and young women’s vulnerability to poor mental health, extreme behaviours including self harm and commercial sexual exploitation.

Men Can Stop Rape Strength Campaign

Men Can Stop Rape's Strength Campaign embraces men as vital allies in the work to end men's violence against women and helps young men make healthy choices and foster safe, equitable relationships. The campaign includes direct work in communities with young men through the Men of Strength (MOST) Club, public education messaging using a wide range of media such as adverts on bus-shelters and billboards and in cinemas, and training for a wide range of agencies and organisations working with young men.

Men Who Buy Sex

Research report aiming to fill some of the gaps in information on men who buy women for sexual use. 103 men described their use of trafficked and non-trafficked women in prostitution, and their awareness of coercion and violence. The goal of the research was to assess men's attitudes towards women in prostitution and their awareness of and use of trafficking victims, with the goal of ultimately developing prostitution and trafficking prevention programmes.

Men, Masculinities and Violence - James Lang

This speech was presented at the International Conference on Eradicating Violence Against Women and Girls, Berlin, Germany, 2002. It outlines connections among men, masculinity and violence and argues for greater involvement of men in anti-violence work.   Key Note Speech presented at the International Conference “Eradicating Violence against Women and Girls – Strengthening Human Rights”
Berlin, 2-4 December 2002

Mentors in Violence Prevention: Gender Violence Prevention Education & Training

Jackson Katz

Men’s Talk: Men’s Understandings of Violence Against Women and Motivations for Change

This article reports research undertaken to inform a social marketing campaign targeting men’s violence toward women in a city in northern England. Eighty-four men drawn from community groups participated in 15 focus groups. Participants struggled with wider definitions of domestic abuse and resisted depictions of men as wholly responsible for domestic violence.

Money and Power: Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Scotland

A short film, with information and resource packs, on commercial sexual exploitation from Zero Tolerance and the Women's Support Project.  



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