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Newly updated RESPECT education packs now available

The newly updated RESPECT prevention packs for use with children and young people is now online and available to download.

The RESPECT programme aims to contribute to the prevention of violence and abuse by challenging root causes of gender-based abuse. The packs equip young people with useful knowledge, skills and understanding in order to promote positive non-violent relationships based on equality and respect.

There are a range of activities and lesson plans for use with primary and secondary age students. Topics covered include Respect and gender; Respect and power; Respect and relationships, and Respect, sex and exploitation.

We will be providing training on how you can get the most out of using the pack, so please get in touch with Anne, email below, to discuss a range of training options.

We would also like to know what you think what you think of the pack, for comments or queries please contact anne.meikle@zerotolerance.org.uk.




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