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Zero Tolerance’s response to the Petitions Committee Inquiry on Child Sexual Exploitation

Zero Tolerance have submitted their response to the Petitions Committee Inquiry on Child Sexual Exploitation. We have serious concerns about the prevalence of child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Scotland. We believe that this is a huge and under-recognised societal and public health problem.

In a society which says that lap-dancing and strip clubs are an acceptable form of ‘entertainment’, and which tolerates prostitution, to a greater or lesser extent in different regions (most of all in Edinburgh which licenses ‘saunas’ which everyone knows are brothels) it is hard to imagine many initiatives aimed at ending CSE being effective. Why care about a 17 year old girl being exploited in prostitution if on the day of her 18th birthday she can do it as a ‘job’ and have sections of society deem that as a form of ‘work’? A society awash with sex ‘entertainment’ venues is one that creates clear pathways from child exploitation into adult exploitation. Likewise, we create pathways for perpetrators – men who wish to abuse and exploit women and children can be introduced to sexual exploitation by e.g. an 18th birthday night out, a ‘stag’ night or a corporate/team night out in a lap-dancing club. As such we believe that changes to the broader culture of Scottish society are absolutely vital.

To read our full statement and list of recommendations please click here or see the attached document.

CSE Response from Zero Tolerance.pdf
Added: April 23, 2013
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