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Complain to BBC Newsbeat about false rape allegations article

In response to todays horrifically skewed (13/03/13) BBC Newsbeat article, discussing the report from the CPS which shows false allegations of rape and domestic violence are rarer than many believe, we have written a draft complaint.  We encourage you to use the below as a template or, to add more gravitas, write your own and send on the the BBC. The link to the complaints section of the BBC can be found here.  We hope the more people that complain, the more seriously the BBC will take this and hopefully review their practice in the future.

Complaint template:

I am appalled at the way BBC Newsbeat has chosen to report the new Crown Prosecution report that clearly states that false rape allegations are far less common than thought.  The article titled “False rape claims 'devastating' say wrongly accused” deliberately skews the message that director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer, was making: that media and public perceptions of false rape reports propagate "dangerous myths" and said the problem was far less common than thought. To totally disregard the context of this report and its findings is a failing of basic journalistic standards that could prevent victims of rape coming forward.  I strongly urge that you revise this piece or remove it from your site before contributing further to exactly what the CPS report was trying to prevent.



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