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Zero Tolerance Trust to launch the ‘Employers PACT’ during the 16 Days of Action.

Employers PACT launch: Tuesday 8th December at Our Dynamic Earth.

The Employers PACT is an initiative that aims to help businesses cut the cost of violence by challenging violence against women in Scotland.

Employers pay a heavy price for violence against women. Evidence shows that one in five women suffer violence some point in their lives. Around seventy five per cent of these women are targeted at work with more than twenty per cent of employed women taking time off work because of violence against them. Furthermore, some fifty three per cent miss at least three days’ work a month, fifty six per cent arrive late and twenty eight per cent leave early, all on account of violence.

No wonder then that the cost to businesses amounts to around £2.7 billion each year. And this in addition to the legal, social and welfare burdens on taxation arising from violence and abuse against women.

So what contribution can business make to cut the cost of violence?

Employers, by taking a lead, are in a powerful position to help change a culture which, seemingly, either ignores or tolerates violence against women. Specifically to support employers, the Zero Tolerance Trust has developed the PACT scheme – Policy, Action, Communication and Training.

PACT includes a template policy document suggesting how managers and staff approach the issue of violence against women, advice on implementing the policy and accessing specialist information from external agencies. A range of basic training materials, which can be incorporated into existing training schedules, is also included in PACT.

The Employer’s PACT will be launched by John Swinney MSP on the 8th December at Dynamic Earth.
Attendance is by invitation.
For more information e-mail: pat.elliott@zerotolerance.org.uk, phone: 0131 624 8959




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