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Invitation to tender for a project to update the Zero Tolerance ‘Respect’ education programme

The Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust is seeking to engage a consultant to complete a piece of work to update our 'Respect' education programme.

'Respect' has been running since 2003. It is an educational programme for both primary and secondary schools (there are two versions of the pack) which seeks to equip young people with the skills for forming healthy relationships free of violence and based on respect for self, others and difference. It is widely used in Scottish schools and other informal youth organisations.

We decided in 2010 that the 'Respect' education programme required updating and secured charitable trust funding to appoint someone to review the materials and update and digitise the resources. A review process has been carried out and an expert panel involved in deciding what new content is needed for 'Respect'. However, the person leading this project has now moved on and the project has not reached completion, hence this opportunity.

It now remains for some new materials to be written and incorporated into the existing pack (as an add-on, so that users of the current pack are able to supplement rather than replace their resources), and for the rest of the pack and particularly the user manual to be brought up to date, in terms of references to the new curriculum, recent new legislation and policy etc. The new pack will also need to be made available online, and launched and marketed. This will enable us to meet our obligations to funders and to provide much-needed current educational resources on gender based violence.

This project is an exciting opportunity for someone with a passion for equality and respect to deliver a key project for a vibrant charity working to end men's violence against women.

Download the 'Respect' tender in Word or PDF.

Deadline: 5pm, Monday 24th October. 

Application: Those interested in tendering for this work should apply with a CV (which should not include irrelevant personal data such as marital status, date of birth etc) and brief tender letter.

Send your application to;
Jenny Kemp, Coordinator
Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust,
11 Maritime St.,
Edinburgh, EH6 6SB
or ideally, by email to Jenny.Kemp@zerotolerance.org.uk

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