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Women's refuge chief returns OBE in protest over cuts

Denise Marshall is returning the OBE she received in 2007 specifically for providing services to disadvantaged women because she believes government cuts will leave her unable to provide proper support to vulnerable women.

 Photograph of Denise Marshall 

Photograph: Martin Goodwin. Source: The Guardian   

She told The Guardian that the level of funding cuts to support organisations such as hers meant that soon they would be unable to function properly; “I'm facing a future where I can't give women who come to my organisation the services they deserve – I won't be able to provide the services for which I got the OBE”.

There is mounting concern for what will happen to the women who use support services if the organisations are forced to close. Mary (who preferred not to give her real name) 32, who was trafficked into prostitution from Nigeria told The Guardian that if the Eaves charity’s Poppy Project were to loose its funding she would become homeless. “It would destroy me. I’d be on the streets doing prostitution. We don’t want the service to close.”





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