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Safer Lives: Changed Lives: A Shared Approach to Tackling Violence Against Women in Scotland

The 'Shared Appoach' document is not an action plan or a strategy, but it provides a shared understanding and approach to guide the work of all agencies and people working to tackle violence against women in Scotland.

It seeks to provide a definition of violence against women to underpin existing work and inform future work; highlight the links between different forms of violence to support joined-up policy and practice; guide the development of a shared approach for local and national work; actively promote the development of existing effective measures and the adoption of new measures; and ensure that work on violence against women is carried out under the 4 Ps framework - Protection, Provision, Prevention, Participation.

In terms of Prevention, the 'Shared Approach' notes the importance of increasing the focus on prevention and reducing the levels of violence against women; includes as one of its guiding principles the statement that "Prevention of and reduction in violence against women are the key objectives"; and includes as the first of three key issues to address the fact that "Developing an effective approach to prevention" needs to be considered further in the coming period.

The key issues to address section of the document (p 22) notes that "It has been easier over time to determine what is required to provide resources and activity to support women and children experiencing violence and abuse. It has been harder to focus on and take forward measures to prevent violence and abuse. This needs to be addressed."




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