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Employers' PACT

Violence against women (VAW) can affect all aspects of our lives, both in terms of lived experience and in the wider culture we inhabit. Violence against women is by its very nature and prevalence present in our everyday lives. With the average person spending a third of their time at work, it affects our workplaces as well.

Employers are beginning to recognise this as a health and safety issue. For those experiencing violence in particular, we know that the effects of abuse and violence can jeopardise a person’s ability to maintain employment and productivity, and that this in turn can affect women's resources and access to support.

This is why Zero Tolerance developed PACT (Policy, Action, Communication and Training) which aims to make employers, unions and statutory bodies aware of the business reasons why a VAW policy is needed in the workplace, but also acts as a tool for employers to access free information and support for policy development.

For more information, including online training, click the link below to access our free suite of toolkits and templates, which guides on building a VAW policy, and includes practical information about the types of support available for employees. There are also example exercises to help foster a prevention culture and to challenge the attitudes that underpin violence.

If you'd like an introduction to the programme, then why not take a look at our online presentation at https://prezi.com/ny6yery-6qrp/pact-programme-introduction/

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