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"The default setting": what parents say about gender stereotyping in their children’s early years

Our report, “the default setting” is the result of a large scale survey Zero Tolerance undertook with over 1300 parents and caregivers on gender stereotyping and children.

We asked Scottish parents and caregivers of children aged 1-10 a variety of questions about whether, and where, they felt their children were receiving messaging about what it meant to be a boy or a girl and in what practical ways this could be counteracted.

The results showed that respondents overwhelmingly supported treating children equally (94%), but they were concerned that their children were influenced by gender stereotyping; mostly prevalent in commercial settings (such as toy and clothes shops); in the attitudes of other parents and children and in children’s television and films.

The results were really interesting, and showed us that parents wanted to see more of a focus on gender equality across the early years and on making sure that children were growing up in an environment that didn’t limit their expectations of what they could be and do simply because of their gender.

Given that we know strong support for gender equality actually lessens the likelihood of attitudes that support violence against women, learning that everyone is equal at a young age is absolutely crucial to our efforts to end violence against women.

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Added: January 13, 2017
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