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"Boys get told they should be tough. Girls get told they should be skinny" (Primary 6 girl): Findings from the 'What's Gender Got to do With it?' Primary School Project

This report reflects analytically on the development, conduct and outcomes of ‘What’s Gender got to do With it?’, an initiative run by the Reduce Abuse Project in West Dunbartonshire Primary Schools in 2011. The report’s objectives are to:

  • Elucidate the policy and research context within which the ‘What’s Gender got to do With it?’ initiative has been developed
  • Offer an overview of the aims and objectives of the initiative
  • Report some of the findings from our work with children in primary schools, with a particular emphasis on the children’s views on issues of gender and (in)equality, and the extent to which these views altered as a result of the project delivery
  • Evaluate the successes and limitations of the initiative from the perspectives of the children, class teachers, project workers and researcher, and offer recommendations for the Reduce Abuse project’s future work with children and young people in West Dunbartonshire

Whats gender final version.pdf
Added: February 5, 2015
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