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One week to go: Friday's featured category - Student and Youth

This is the final week to nominate articles for the 2016 awards! Each day during‎ WritetoEndVAW‬ ‪#‎1Week2Go‬, we’ll be featuring a different award category.

Students and young people often bring new perspectives and insightful thought to writing on gender inequality and violence against women. The Write to End Violence Against Women Awards recognise the excellent work of the next generation of journalists with a dedicated category for Best Article – Student and Youth.

The terms and conditions for this category are:

  • Article must have been written by a student
  • (this includes students at school, college and university as well as mature students) or by an author aged 26 or under.
  • Article can be news, comment or feature.
  • Author may or may not have received financial compensation for the piece.

Deadline for Submissions: 30th September, 2016

You can nominate your own writing or someone else’s, and you can make as many nominations as you like!

For full details, please visit our How to Enter page.

To stay informed about the awards, like the Write to End VAW Awards Facebookpage and follow our Twitter feed. Follow the hashtag #WritetoEndVAW.

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