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Nominations for the Write to End Violence Against Women Awards 2014 Open Monday

Following the success of last year’s inaugural Write to End Violence Against Women Awards, held at the Scottish Parliament, which recognises and rewards quality violence against women (VAW) reporting in Scotland, nominations are now being welcomed for 2014’s awards.

Opening Monday (26/05/14) journalists, bloggers and students are being invited to submit examples of their published work for consideration for the three award categories (Best Article, Best Blog, and Best Student Article). Third parties are also invited to nominate work that they feel represents quality VAW reporting in Scotland, as well as shaming bad examples of VAW journalism for the award’s Wooden Spoon award.

Co-organised by women’s sector organisations, Zero Tolerance, Rape Crisis Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid, White Ribbon Scotland along with the National Union of Journalists, the awards were designed to celebrate and recognise excellence in violence against women and gender equality journalism in Scotland.

Liz Ely from Zero Tolerance says: “Journalists, editors and other media professionals have the choice to report truthfully and aid public understanding of violence against women, or to fall back on stereotypes and sensationalism. The Write to End Violence Against Women Awards, now in its second year, wants to celebrate writers who make that choice, and whose work contributes to shaping public attitudes for the better.”

Nominations can be submitted through the awards website:

The winning articles will be chosen by a panel of experts including journalists, writers and those working in the violence against women field. The deadline for submissions is 01/10/14, with the winners being announced at parliamentary reception on December 10th 2014 coinciding with the 16 Days of Action To Eliminate Violence Against Women, which takes place between the 25th of November and 10th of December each year.

Eileen Maitland from Rape Crisis Scotland commented: "Responsible media coverage of violence against women plays a crucial role in changing the culture which allows it to thrive. By laying bare in lucid and honest prose the myths, untruths, prejudices and inequalities which underpin such violence, good journalism can make a hugely significant impact by challenging the attitudes and behaviours that support it."

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