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Have you seen great political reporting about women this year? Nominate today -- deadline fast approaching!

This year we are introducing our inaugural "Gender Equality Award". The purpose of this award is to recognise that working towards a gender equal society is vital to ending violence against women. Gender inequality means that women have less economic, political and social power than men, making it possible for some men to abuse their power.

Each year the award will be themed around a different aspect of reporting about women. As the awards fall between two elections that prominently feature women – with some very disappointing press coverage at times – this year’s ‘Gender Equality Award’ is themed around Political Reporting and is sponsored by Women 50:50.

All too often, media coverage about high profile women in political life focuses not on their contributions or political beliefs, but on their clothing or personal appearance, etc. The Gender Equality Award 2015: Women 50:50 Gender Equality in Political Reporting aims to recognise a writer whose work furthers the cause of gender equality.

The pieces nominated for this award do not need to directly mention violence against women, but they should be written in such a way that women's roles and contributions to political life are responsibly represented.

Further conditions of award include:

  • Author may or may not have received financial compensation for the piece
  • Articles must be published, either in print or online, in a Scottish publication or primarily reaching a Scottish audience.
  • Article can be “hard news”, blog, comment, opinion or a more lengthy feature piece.
  • Must have been written in, or primarily for a Scottish audience.

To nominate yours or someone else's work for an award, please visit our How to Enter page.

The nomination deadline is 31 October 2015, so nominate someone today!

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